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Trustworthy cat accommodation in the Kettering area and Northamptonshire

When it comes to the welfare of your cat, there is no one more suited to help you than us.

Your local cat stay in Kettering

Denbank Boarding Cattery provides spacious and insulated chalets with infrared heating, giving all round warmth. Some of our more senior residents are also provided with their own heated pads. Each chalet has its own outside run with seating areas, scratch post and toys where the residents can view the neighbours and the surrounding gardens. We have chalets suitable for one or two cats and larger chalets to accommodate three or four. We also have an extra-large chalet, which can accommodate up to six cats.
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spacious cat accommodation

Spacious accommodation

Cats from the same household only may share and there is a generous space between each chalet and run so that there can be no direct contact which could facilitate the spread of any possible infection. 
chalet interiors

Comfortable environment

Inside the chalet, the cats are provided with seating and bedding areas, with warm bedding provided but owners are welcome to bring their cat’s beds from home and any favourite toys or items. Contact with familiar objects helps the cats to settle into their surroundings. Please note, only cats from the same household can share accommodation.

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